Hey social friends! Join us on July 25 at 5pm for our #HIGHlySocial event! FREE admission for all of our followers on Instagram and Twitter. RSVP and details at the following link: http://bit.ly/HIGHlySocial by highmuseumofart

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These little Casa’s will be heading out around town for the duration of the #MiCasaYourCasa installation! Be ready this week for some hints as to where the first drop will be! #hideandseek by highmuseumofart

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We love when people have fun in our exhibitions! #Regram from @lil_appel in #DreamCarsAtl. by highmuseumofart

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“Mask Ensemble” created in the 20th century by a Mossi Artist in Burkina Faso. Part of our “African Mask/Masquerade” exhibition. The masquerade connects Mossi communities to the world of their ancestors and to the mythic origins of each lineage. by highmuseumofart

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Good morning Atlanta!!

Artmore Hotel Midtown on PeachtreeAn incredibly beautiful morning here in Atlanta.  I snapped this on the way into the hotel and couldn’t help but share how beautiful it is today.  Don’t you wish you were riding your bike around town this morning?  This is a sign of a great week ahead!


Atlanta Ballet – “Pain is not beauty, pain is pain.”

Your pain is art! Thanks for the amazing you do for the city, this photo is a rare look behind the scenes into what you put into your performances. This popped into our instagram feed, not sure why but I thought the photo was too amazing to not share! 
Beauty is not pain, pain is pain. #theresjustholesinmyfeet #theworst #day4 by our guest: devonthedevil http://ift.tt/1xoaqcp July 03, 2014 at 06:16PM

Have you seen the three houses on the front lawn?! #MiCasaYourCasa by highmuseumofart

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You love us, you really, really love us!

Lovely notes from around the web are making us blush. Our guests are the best of the best!









Look who checked in! #Puppies

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Congratulations to the beautiful bride to be!

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